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Where to Buy

I recommend that you read through the sections on Aircraft, Engines and Radios and perhaps chat to a few people out at the club who are not trying to sell you anything as a bit of a guide before you go shopping.

There are few places on the Sunshine Coast to get all the goodies you need for flying, most specialise in radio control cars.

Mr Toys Toyworld in Kawana have some stocks,  Mischief Hobbies in Nambour also has some aircraft and accessories in stocks

Be a little careful when buying fuel from 'Toy' shops as their mix is mainly for cars which run a lower oil content then we do, just make sure you have around the 18%-20% oil mix.

Before you buy anything check out the prices around the traps. Phone a few hobby shops in the major Cities, look in Airborne magazine which carry ads for all the gear, and of course you can browse around on the net.

For second hand gear, keep an eye out on the Club notice boards, check out an online site called RC Trader, check out Gumtree or marketplace on facebook, put the word around the Club that you are looking. Check out  Club WebPages if you are going to buy second hand try, and get an experienced modeller to look it over before your part with your dollars. It's very easy to spend quite a bit of money and still have nothing to fly.

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