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Introduction to flying RC Models


This section is to assist people who are new to the great hobby of radio control aero modelling.  It is offered only as a guide to what is required, and broadly speaking, what type of costs are involved. With aero modelling there is a substantial amount of personal choice so far as makes and brands of equipment and types of aircraft.  I must stress that this section is offered only as a GUIDE and not as a MUST DO.  All prices quoted are ball park figures, obviously they will vary from dealer to dealer and with economic pressures etc.

Aero modelling is not hard to learn, it just takes a bit of patience and practice to get the hang of it.

No matter how confident you might feel NEVER be tempted to have a crack at it by yourself… not unless you have a lot of money to spend.  Most models, if built correctly, will take themselves off… after that you WILL be flying to the crash site.

When buying your equipment the golden rule is "BUY AS GOOD AS YOU CAN AFFORD"  Much of the equipment you buy at this early stage will last you for many years to come and will be suitable for all the different types of models you will have.

Hopefully the various sections will familiarize you with the terminology and help you make informed decisions when acquiring what you need to get started

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